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2015: Exports of wood products can reach 7 billion dollars

Wooden high demand world, plus the many trade agreements have been prepared to be signed, if fully utilized, in 2015, exports of wood products from Vietnam could reach $ 7 billion. Reporter Newspaper Industry and Trade Nguyen Ton exchange with Quyen- Chairman Wood and Forest Products Association of Vietnam - around this problem

 As one of the branches in exports (export turnover) positive growth in 2014, 2015 wood industry aims for export turnover?

2015, a series of free trade agreements (FTAs) have been signed as the FTA negotiations Vietnam - EU, TPP, Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the European Union on forest law enforcement, governance political and trade of forest products (VPA / FLEGT) ... expected to bring strong growth in export turnover for the wood industry.

Opportunities always come with challenges, Vietnam wood industry will face many difficulties. For example, when the FTA Vietnam - EU and VPA / FLEGT were concluded, Vietnam wood products have been proven to have legal origin. Meanwhile, Vietnam buy wood materials from many countries around the world and not to any country legally certified. Besides, when it comes to choosing the source and origin of wood, wood material prices certainly will increase.

Another is when the agreement was signed, the wood products of advanced countries will enter and compete fiercely with wood Vietnam. Besides, the cost of timber production remains high, especially as freight by ship. This is a huge barrier to investment for businesses in the future. Despite such difficulties, but in 2015, we have set a goal to reach $ 7 billion in export turnover of furniture.

- To remove the difficulties mentioned above, the timber industry has proposed solutions do, sir?

To take advantage of opportunities from the agreement, over time, the timber companies have been carefully prepared to certify the origin of the source timber. Besides, many new wood products that the world is in great demand as planks, artificial board ... being invested manufacturing enterprises in service exports in 2015. In particular, the timber industry enterprises is also trying to change the technology to produce products more difficult, quality and higher value added. For example, before making simple furniture, but now focuses on the furniture and aesthetic sophistication more ...

- Vietnam recently concluded FTA negotiations with the Customs Union (Russia - Belarus - Kazakhstan. Timber industry will take advantage of this opportunity how to boost exports to these markets?

Russia is one of the new markets, the potential of wood. Government and the Ministry of Industry and Trade also has a policy to encourage third timber industry, fisheries and textiles to boost exports to this market. However, the export of wood in the Russian market are many problems related to materials, labor, tax and customs procedures ...

Recently, Vietnam has ended FTA negotiations with the Customs Union. This is an opportunity to overcome difficulties, to boost exports of furniture on the market. But the agreement to be implemented into the guidelines and circulars specifically takes about 2 years. We petitioned the government to expedite the facilitation for businesses.